Megan Snyder, VMD

Digital Ultrasound

Digital ultrasound is a service  provided for assessment of possible injuries or disease processes of soft  tissue structures including tendons, ligaments, heart, lungs, kidneys,  small/large intestine, reproductive organs, etc. 


Damascus Equine Associates


Imaging of structures otherwise  difficult to image is offered through the use of an endoscope which provides  real-time imaging of the area.   Structures imaged include the upper airway, stomach, bladder and others.  These services are available at the  clinic or on the farm.  Discounts offered  for all imaging performed within the clinic.

Computed Radiography

Computed radiography is available  to provide diagnostic capabilities for emergencies and routine procedures.  The images are loaded and digitally archived  at our clinic and available to be emailed or stored on a CD for our  clients.